• Team AlchePharma athlete Jade
    [vimeo 234279037 w=640 h=640]"A few accessory exercises from last night's leg workout � I started with a lighter exercise �Cable Donkeykicks for hip mobility and to activate the #glutes before heavier compound exercises. Then, finished off with more isolations �Machine Glute Press �Heavy Hovering Hip Abductors. Definitely felt these! ! ! ������"Cast: AlchePharmaTags: workout, fitness, […]
  • Team AlchePharma athlete May
    [vimeo 234275722 w=640 h=360]Back day! *Lower Cellphone qualityCast: AlchePharmaTags: fitness, back workout, workout, weight training and exercise
  • Team AlchePharma Bikini Athlete Michelle
    [vimeo 234274816 w=640 h=640]"During this off season we have structured my workouts around strength, (booty building) & recovery programs. One of my all time favorites .... sumo deadlifts. ��‍♀️ It feels so good to have my energy and strength back. " -Michelle VargasCast: AlchePharmaTags: bikini, NPC, workout, sumo, deadlifts, leg workouts, weight training, recovery, strength […]
  • Team AlchePharma athlete Nikki: Power couple workout
    [vimeo 234274790 w=640 h=640]Nikki and Angel's shoulder workout *Lower Quality cellphone resolution.Cast: AlchePharmaTags: fitness, workout, shoulders, bodybuilding, weight training and shoulder workout