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The Vitamin and Herb Stores have been an advocate of the science of health since 1991.

With four locations along the Central Coast of CA to better serve you. Orcutt, Nipomo, Lompoc and Buellton.

Vitamin and Herb Stores Elite Staff




PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Media Relations, New Product Development, Strategic Store Development, Manufacturer Recruitment, Raw Material Research, Advanced Social Network Marketing, Public Research News Site Development, Staff Training, Team Building, and Delegation.

Ralph Turchiano started in the nutrition industry around 1989. Since then he has created three separate store chains, which has spurred the creation of many other spin-off chains. He has worked with numerous small manufactures in developing them into national brands. His primary focus currently is to help re-define the major media’s view of the supplement industry into a valid, well-cited, peer reviewed, public option.

Ralph Turchiano’s personal interest include intense physical training, World History, medical history, medical science, and he is a vegan (with the exception of cheese). 



JOB TITLES: Co-Owner & Lompoc Store Manager

Heike Turchiano is a professional health educator holding a degree in nutrition from Clayton school of medicine and as well as a degree in Political science from Cal Poly.







JOB TITLES: General Manager & Buellton Store Manager

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES:  Achievement Motivator, training & development of our talented staff, Payroll Coordinator, Merchandising, Inventory, and Customer Service.

Betsy holds a Degree in Arts and Business Diploma in Secretarial Science Life, student of Theology and Sociology. Intense interest in all modalities of Naturopathic, Chinese and Ayurvedic.

Hobbies: Spending time with family, our Boxer Simon, Meditation, Poetry reading, Walking, Yoga, Cooking, Traveling, London, Bermuda and Florence.



JOB TITLES: Assistant General Manager & Nipomo Store Manager

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Managerial Accounting, Inventory, Administrative Duties, Website Design and Maintenance, Team AlchePharma Leader, Online Order Fullfillment, Social Media, Sports Nutrition Harmonization, Staff Testing, Merchandising and Customer Service. 

Jade graduated 2 years early and received her first Associates Degree in Math & Science at the age of 18. She recently received her second Associates Degree in Business Administration and was accepted to Cal Poly. She has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition.

Jade is Type 1 Diabetic and enjoys weight training and spending time with her husband. She has competed in NPC and INBA Bikini Competitions. Titles won: NPC Titans Grand Prix Open Bikini 3rd place & INBA Western USA Bodybuilding Championships Open Bikini 2nd Place.



JOB TITLES: Regional Manager & Orcutt Store Manager

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Inventory, Fermentation Classes, Food Bytes Nutritional Video’s, superior Customer Service, Marketing and Merchandising.

Health Coach and Yoga Instructor Angela Weitz is as passionate as can be about health and wellness.






bonebroth nikki

Nikki Rojas


JOB TITLE:  Assistant Orcutt Store Manager

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Superior customer service, maintain store image and assist with inventory.

Nikki has a passion for fitness & wellness. She demonstrates an active lifestyle daily and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others at VH. She is a Demo Rep for Ancient Nutrition for Bone Broth. She samples Bone Broth in our Orcutt and Nipomo locations weekly!




JOB TITLE: Sales Associate & File Clerk

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Record keeping and file maintenance. Offers superior customer service for VH Nipomo location and maintains a clean store environment.

Rita has been working for VH since January 2012. She feels very fortunate to be a part of this awesome work staff. Rita enjoys discussing product information with customers and helping them to achieve their healthcare goals.

Rita has certificates in dental assisting and intraoral radiographs, dietetic food service supervision, professional cooking & food safety management.

Her hobbies include cooking, baking, sewing, gardening and reading. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.




JOB TITLE: Sales Associate

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Superior customer service for VH Nipomo location. Assist with inventory, ordering, and merchandising.

Jeneane has a passion for health & wellness. She demonstrates a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She was previously a manager at Lassen’s.






JOB TITLE: Sales Associate

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Merchandising and superior customer service

Jenn has several certifications including: 

Associates Degree in Dietetic Technology through MCC.  W.I.T.S Personal trainer, ISSA Youth sports conditioning coach, Zumba, Madd Dog Athletics Spin, AFAA Yoga Instructor and Bootcamp Instructor. Continuing education credits from NASM Dotfit/neuromuscular stretch/myofascial release, running, pregnancy, nutrition and sports nutrition through WITS.

Jenn is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness competition/posing coach. She has competed in 7 NPC shows, one being national. She placed 1st at Jon Lindsays Excalibur NPC December 2014! She also participates in  mud runs/obstacle courses and monthly hikes within the community. 



JOB TITLE: Sales Associate 

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Merchandising, superior customer service in VH Orcutt location and maintains store image.

Signe has a passion for nutrition/supplements. She enjoys reading and expanding her knowledge base. 

Signe is happily married and raised 6 wonderful, healthy, intelligent, athletic, productive and compassionate people.



JOB TITLES: Senior Sales Associate

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Merchandising and superior customer service for the VH Buellton location.

Judi has always been extremely progressive in her ideas of health and living a healthy lifestyle. Even before it was mainstream, she was doing her own research on food, supplements and alternative medicine, and believed in raising her family (and animals) with the best nutrition possible. She worked many years in the health food industry and in 1984 attended a 2-year program in northern Minnesota (International Center for NaturoBioHolistic Health & Medicine) where she studied biology, reflexology, iridology and became a massage therapist. Though many people at the time didn’t always understand her natural therapies, no one could argue with how she could help heal people and animals without the use of drugs or conventional medicine.

In 1993, she was offered a housekeeping position at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch where she worked until 1996. Judi managed the Vitamin Department at New Frontier’s from 1997-1999 in addition to doing childcare at the Alisal Guest Ranch and working as a freelance massage therapist.  She began working for The Vitamin & Herb Store in August 2002. 

Judi still resides in the Santa Ynez Valley while raising her chickens, growing her gardens, keeping up on the latest health and wellness research, and finds great joy in taking care of Little Miss, Lisa’s horse of 30+ years. Music continues to be a part of her life in some way, shape or form and she nurtures her love of music and art on her Facebook Music Appreciation Page. Health, kids, music and animals continue to be the theme of her life.




JOB TITLE: Sales Associate

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Merchandising and superior customer service at VH Buellton location.

Bobbi joined VH Store’s Team in 1999 and has enjoyed watching the stores grow & expand. Bobbi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is a licensed Massage Therapist/Reflexologist. She is a Certified Health Coach and a member of AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners). Bobbi is also a Bach Flower Level 1 Practitioner and Aromatherapist.

Bobbi is currently working to become a Naturopath as well as stress management therapist. She is the owner of Valley Holistic Healing, and during spring and summer enjoys teaching water aerobics. She enjoys hiking, backpaking, organic gardening/cooking and making organic soaps/body care products!




JOB TITLE: Sales Associate

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Merchandising and superior customer service.

Kyle is passionate about health and wellness. He enjoys helping others meet their health goals.







JOB TITLE: Private Label Website Maintenance

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Improve Private Label AlchePharma’s website presence with increasingly advanced product descriptions, photos and informational resources.

Derek has a passion for health, fitness, videography, photography, and design. Derek is currently finishing up his Degrees in Film, Photography and a Design Certification.

He enjoys  weight training and spending time with his wife, Jade Preciado. Derek and Jade recently started their own business, DPfilms Productions. They currently offer Wedding Videography, Fitness Plans for brides & grooms, and Wedding Coordination.

Derek has competed in four Physique competitions. Titles Won: INBA Western Bodybuilding Championships Overall 1st Place Men’s Physique, Most Muscular Award, Natural Olympia 2014 5th Place Pro Men’s Physique, Natural Olympia 2014 4th Place Amateur Men’s Physique, and Ferrigno Legacy 3rd Place Men’s Physique