Sat. Sep 21st, 2019


AlchePharma is a supplement brand, sold exclusively online and in stores at The Vitamin & Herb Stores!


“AlchePharma understands that it is often difficult to decide which products and supplement brand can best help you achieve optimal health. After extensive search, we choose a manufacturer making products we are proud to sell and promote. We use the world’s best ingredients, produce innovative formulas and manufacture the AlchePharma Brand with strict quality controls. We do all this at affordable prices and a great value to you.

We do all this at affordable prices and a great value to you. AlchePharma does not operate behind a corporate shield of Public Relation firms and paid spokespeople. We produce and consume the products that we manufacture for you ourselves. Therefore, we take a personal interest in scouring the world for unique manufactures and ingredients to enhance our lives as well as yours. While we are in the lead for efficacy and quality, others may claim to be like us. The difference being while other companies are run by banks, retail warehouses, and a myriad of others that hide behind a P.O. box, we are the real thing.”

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