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1. Research conducted by Brazilian scientists in Sao Paulo State found that a single dose of ________ in rats with symptoms of depression was highly effective, eliminating the symptoms on the same day and maintaining the beneficial effects for a week.

2. Quebec City, August 30,2018- An extract of _____ - a fruit native to the Amazon - prevents obesity in mice fed a diet rich in sugar and fat.

3. A protein involved in multiple cellular processes called ______ protects cartilage in the joints against degradation by damaging oxidation, preventing the development and progression of osteoarthritis, according to a new study by Frederique Cornelis.

4. Interestingly, dose of the antioxidant, ______, in drinking water reduced osteoarthritis symptoms and cartilage damage in mice deficient in ANP32A.

5. Pain severity decreased significantly with ________ and blood levels of several inflammatory biomarkers were significantly reduced, according to the results published in journal of medicinal food.

6. Researchers across Canada found that infants living in households with disinfectants beng usd at lest weekly were ______ to have higher levels of the gut microbes Lachnospiraceae at age 3-4 months: When they were 3 years old, their body mass index was higher than children not exposed to heavy hone use of disinfectants as an infant.
7. Author Andi Shane MD MPH, Emory university School of Medicine says, "Taken together, the studies we included in this analysis demonstrated that ______ is more effective than placebo for reducing the incidence or duration of certain illnesses: acute respiratory tract infections, acute digestive infections, and acute ear infections.

8. As mammals age, immune cells in the brain known as microglia become chronically inflamed. In this state, they produce chemicals known to impair cognitive and motor function. But, according to a new study from the University of Illinois, there may be a remedy to delay the inevitable:_____.

9. ______________ may protect kidney function in children with diabetes, according to research presented at the 57th Annual European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology Meeting