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Although 0.1 grams per day of vitamin C can maintain a normal plasma level in healthy persons, much higher doses, up to _____ per day, are needed for critically ill patients to increase their plasma vitamin C levels to the range of normal healthy people.
_______ is a chemical stored in the muscles and brain that helps build lean muscle.
Antioxidants such as vitamin ___could help reduce harmful effects from hexavalent chromium
Findings from a new study show that the compound responsible for _________heat could help slow the spread of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women
In regard to Advanced Colorectal Cancer: In addition, patients in the high-dose vitamin D group were ___percent less likely to have disease progression or death during the follow-up period of 22.9 months
"Track and field athletes who are restricting energy intake - and have the goal of minimising the loss of lean body mass - should target protein intakes of between __ and___grams per kilogram of body mass a day," Dr Witard continued.
In regard to those whom consumed omega-6 -- linoleic acid (LA). People in the top 10% of LA levels were 7% less likely to develop any CVD and _____ less likely to die of CVD. They were also 12% less likely to have an ischemic stroke (i.e., blocked brain artery) compared with those in the bottom 10% of LA levels.
"We have now found that____ appears to buffer the user against some of the acute effects of THC on the brain.
The team also found that the elderberry's antiviral activity can be attributed to its ___________ compounds -- phytonutrients responsible for giving the fruit its vivid purple colouring.
Peppermint oil has been known to have therapeutic effects in multiple disorders due to its ___________properties.

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