Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

Sports Nutrition


Why shop at The Vitamin & Herb Stores?


We compare our prices to major online competitors.*   Not only are we competitively priced…

Many of our highly educated staff have an intense background in health and fitness. We demonstrate a healthy, active lifestyle daily.

Our Elite Vitamin & Herb Stores Staff members have a variety of fitness experience including:

Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers, Nutrition Specialists, Intense Weight Training, Bikini Competitors, a Physique Competitor, a Type 1 Diabetic Athlete,  and Hiking Enthusiasts.


And we are here to help you meet your goals!

You can shop online, clicking through page after page guessing which product is right for you.. OR you can come into VH to see a variety of supplements available then and there AND get extensive support/advice from one of our elite VH Staff members for a supplement regimen customized for your needs and goals.


*If we are ever over-priced or lack a product you like, LET US KNOW! We’ll happily fix it 🙂

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